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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh no! Not the Girl Scouts

This is choice. Rober Knight (the eloquent spokesman mentioned in the previous post) has this to say about the speakers the Girl Scouts USA will have at their annual conference this year:

"The choice of the first two speakers indicates that the Girl Scouts show no sign of slowing their plunge into hard-core feminism and political advocacy...."

Who are these crazed lesbian feminists that are plunging the Girl Scouts deep into the dark abyss of hard-core feminist thought? Kavita Ramdas, the president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women and Dr. Johnnetta Cole, a candidate Bill Clinton floated for Education Secretary back in the good ol' days and president of Bennett College in Greensboro, NC. The sin against Ramdas is her promotion of abortion and feminism (there is that damn word again!) - I think Cole must be evil because she can be associated with Clinton. Actually, it turns out she gave a speech last year at a Women & Power conference organized by Omega Institute. Guess what? They had the nerve to promote the Vagina Monologues during the conference. Dastardly.

Poor Ann Curry of Today Show fame is the third speaker. I hope she hides her voter registration card.


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