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Monday, September 26, 2005

50 is the new 30

Olivia - those clever gals that have created a travel empire via lavender money - has plans to jump into the retirement community business. A smart business move, for sure. The Palm Springs location will be out of my budget but Martina will probably be very happy there.

After reading the article I began to wax nostalgic - you see, we've taken an Olivia Cruise. So, without further ado, I will present to you the quiz I sent around to all of my inquiring friends when we returned regarding our Olivia experience. Feel free to post your own answers.

1. The food was delicious and served by:
a. Hot lesbians in togas.
b. Small men from the Philippines that were very,
very confused.
c. Men in drag with bad lipstick.

2. Most of the women had:
a. Perfect hair, white teeth, and little bikinis.
b. Mullets, beer bellies, saggy boobs breasts with pierced
c. Women? There were no women.

3. Lisa and I had a wonderful time, especially
a. Getting massages from buff Linda Hamilton-like
b. Talking about the other guests over Kahlua and
Creams in the Ocean Bar.
c. Buying straw dolls and purses from native folk on
Grand Bahama Island.

4. Overheard at the pool:

a. God, I've never seen so many hot women! Are they
filming "The L Word"?
b. They put the cute ones in the pamphlet.
c. Mariska, could you pass me the Coppertone? I just
think you are fabulous on Law and Order.

I know. Not very PC. Save the hate mail. Just remember all of the answers are "B" when you book your next Olivia vacation. And I'm more than a little peeved they are going after the "gay male travel market". Sell outs. I'm thinking about putting answer 4B on a T-Shirt.


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