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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Are Penguins Gay? Does it Matter?

I've gotten more traffic to my site over March of the Penguins posts than I'd care to tell you about. So - why not?

Concerned(Straight) Women for (Straight)America are really funny:
For homosexual activists, embarrassment over this penguin breakup has to rank right up there with Anne Heche leaving Ellen DeGeneres and marrying a man. Or Julie Cypher leaving Melissa Etheridge. Or Elton John leaving his current domestic partner and marrying, wait, that hasn’t happened yet.

Guess they didn't read my Anne Heche post. And for the record - I'm personally not embarrassed that Roy and Silo broke up. Gor God's sake - They're PENQUINS! Must be a really slow day for homo-haters if this is proof that gay marriage is wrong. Of course they aren't going to mention the gay penquins in Japan and Germany, are they? And another thing - they sure know a great deal about gay couples in Hollywood....

From someone ten times funnier than me. I'm still laughing.


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