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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bama Links

I just hope my two newest links don't care that I pull for the Gamecocks. Yes. I know what the score was this year.

Visit Blue Gal and Birmingham Blues before they cut me off.


Blogger Blue Gal said...

Blue Gal's putting up her linky right now. And now for the real question: Will YOU cut Blue Gal off when she asks whothehell are the gamecocks?

4:28 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

Not to worry. We're pretty diverse in our fandom here -- Auburn, Michigan, and Vanderbilt (how 'bout them 'Dores?). Thanks for the link!

7:26 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

BTW, Jennifer, if you don't already have one, you need a bright blue sticker for you car. Check out

7:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that Gina McWilliams, the visionary behind the bright blue dot, was able to put such a positive, inclusive message out. It's sad on the other hand that Joellyn Beckhum used this opportunity to promote herself, while professing that she was the sole creator. Now, with the nation turning blue, I've taken my blue dot off. I don't feel so disenfranchised. Thanks to your Ms. McWilliams for staying positive. Ms. Beckhum seems to be a loose cannon after the New York Times article. Why pander?
Statements like this are polarizing “If it’s in your face, then people here might take a baseball bat to your windshield,”
Is Ms.Beckum ashamed to be an Alabamian?

10:16 AM


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