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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Black Pastors Outed

According to The Empty Closet:
(LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK) Black lesbian and gay leaders Jasmyne Cannick and Keith Boykin kicked off a five part series entitled “Outing Black Pastors” on Monday, Sept. 25. The campaign, geared at exposing the hypocrisy preached by Black pastors as it relates to lesbians and gays, featured a profile a on two Black pastors each day this week including Atlanta’s Bishop Eddie Long, Dallas’ T.D. Jakes, Los Angeles’ Bishop Noel Jones and Washington’s Reverend Willie Wilson.
The series continues today with a profile of New Orleans’ Bishop Paul Morton and Chicago’s Reverend Gregory Daniels.

And this:
“For far too long, homophobic black ministers have been able to spew their hateful venom from the pulpit without accountability,” commented Jasmyne Cannick. “We’re tired of the hypocrisy and divisive ‘Christian’ rhetoric that too many black pastors are spreading, and we’re tired of these same ministers selling out their pulpits to the highest bidder.”

More info here and here.


Blogger Kathy said...

Jennifer, the links aren't working for me. I cannot understand black pastors railing on about gays. Don't they remember the civil rights movement? Oh, that's right, I forgot -- gay rights have nothing to do with civil rights :(

2:22 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks Kathy for telling me about the links. I think they are fixed now. :)

3:00 PM


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