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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Category 5 Meltdown

Wayne Besen - author of Anything But Straight - posts this about "ex-gay" con-artist Richard Cohen and his obvious meltdown. It is an e-mail prayer request that Cohen sent out after the two debated on a New Jersey cable station:
This kind of spiritual oppression has occured before, when confronting national leaders of the homosexual movement. I know they pray for my/our demise, anyone facing and confronting them with the truth in love. I know they want me/us out of the way. We threaten to dismantle the whole building by exposing their lies ("Born gay and cannot change." By-the-way, I kept repeating and repeating on the show today, "No one is born with SSA and change is possible." AH, HA, that's why Wayne got more and more nasty - the fraud was being exposed and he wouldn't hear of it).

He'll be working with Fred "two straight jackets needed" Phelps soon. These people are seriously starting to scare me.


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