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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gay Apprentices Everywhere

AfterElton has an interesting article on the openly gay men vying for the top apprentice on both The Donald's show and Martha's this season. Using the prevailing stereotypes of gay men that still exist do we really expect a gay man to be Donald's apprentice? On the flip side - of course we expect one of the two gay men on Martha's show to prevail, don't we? Interesting. I say the gay man wins on both counts.
Two of the men applying to be Stewart’s apprentice definitely dance to their own tune: openly gay Jeff, 42, and Chuck, 38. Meanwhile, when Trump’s The Apprentice returns the following night, his applicants will also include one openly gay man, 28-year-old Texan Clay Lee--the only openly gay contestant on the popular reality show.

Tune in.


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