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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gay Gators

UF sophomore David Rodriguez is organizing a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender co-ed fraternity on campus. (Alligator Online)
He originally planned to create a men-only fraternity that supports the LGBT community, which would mirror already existing chapters in the nation.
But after an LGBT assembly two weeks ago, women expressed interest.
If Rodriguez was to create a co-ed fraternity supporting the LGBT community, it would be more complicated because no such organizations currently exist, he said.
If he sees interest in a co-ed fraternity, a new national organization would have to be formed, which could take five years.
Before the fraternity can be created, Rodriguez would need to find out how many people would join.
Having both an LGBT fraternity and a sorority is another option, he said.

Being part of the LGBT community would not be a membership requirement according to Rodgriguez. Anyone that wants to learn more about the community would be welcome as well. I don't know - I personally think you need to be gay to join a gay fraternity.


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