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Friday, September 23, 2005

Girlz that Rock

Read Pam and Shakes Sis to know why you should be adoring and throw rose petals at their feet. Smart, sassy and right on target. I often dream about growing up to be just like them.

Teaser one:
I'’m going to do it. I'’m going to ask the question We Dare Not Ask. And it might piss some people off, and it might inspire others to ask me if I'’ve lost my gourd. But it needs to be asked, and I'’m going to be the one to do it.

Why the hell are we sticking with the Dems?

I don'’t know about you, but I invested time, energy, and money into the Democratic Party during the last election, and I'’m not getting much of a return on my investment. In fact, lately I'’ve been feeling like the party to whom I'’ve been loyal for my entire life is giving me the finger.

And, teaser two:
I don't like getting patted on the head and told to be patient while the Dem buggers have their hands out looking for cash to try to win over "soccer moms" and Joe Six Pack, playing to their fears instead of educating them. We've made it easier on Dems to suck up to these demographics than to explain that it's more relevant to their lives that corporate greed, malfeasance (and dare we say unpatriotic actions) -- Bush's "base" -- are ripping them off. That's certainly more important than a gay couple wants to marry. The Dem establishment is too f*cking lazy and spineless.

Read the rest. Please.


Blogger Kathy said...

Jennifer, thanks for visiting Birmingham Blues. Come back anytime. I like the focus of your blog. We just finished a conference here in Birmingham exposing the lies behind "reparative" therapy.

You are right about Pam & Shakes Sis, too. They are both excellent bloggers.

9:28 PM

Blogger profmarcus said...

i certainly have my own issues with the dems, like "where's the f'ing leadership...???" with the r's trashing the country and the dems in a never-ending search for a spine, i find no one with any political clout speaking for me...

12:21 PM


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