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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Het Officer

The University of New England in New South Wales as appointed a "heterosexuality officer".
The position was created in protest to what some students say is "“preferential treatment"” given to LGBT student groups on campus.
Many universities in Australia have gay and lesbian student groups, which receive a portion of their funding from mandatory student union fees paid by every student. The federal government, however, has recently announced plans to make the payment of such fees voluntary, prompting protests from students around the country who say the quality of student life on campus will decline if funds are cut. Craig Comrie, the gay officer for Australia's National Union of Students, says that queer groups are set up and supported because LGBT students are often marginalised on campus.
Allen says he has no objection to LGBT groups on campus, as long as they are not given any preferential treatment. "It doesn't matter whether you're straight, gay, black, white or brindle," he said. "But when it starts getting, 'Oh, we need a space for us to hang out,' it's crap. Just come down (to) the pub and have a few beers with us."

Okay. We'll just all come down to the pub for a pint so we can be ridiculed. Would you mind if we held hands with our date? Kissed her in public? Danced close? No, Mr. Allen. You are the one full of crap. You may think you mean well and that everyone is as "open-minded" as you. Trust me. They aren't.

Update: Story link via Good As You.


Blogger Kathy said...

Oh, please. Us poor oppressed straight people are complaining again. Our lives are so tough because we are a persecuted minority. Oh, wait. We're not. Never mind.

1:54 PM


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