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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I *heart* Olivia

So - this piece posted at AfterEllen on the treatment of lesbian & bisexual characters and storylines from Law & Order:SVU is interesting. They have dissected many shows and giving analysis of each. Starting with the surprise announcement from Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn that she was a lesbian at the end of last seanson.

As one of television’s most-watched dramas, Law and Order and its numerous spinoffs can have a significant affect on representations of lesbians and bisexual women. When Law and Order: SVU recently aired an episode in which a lesbian police officer made a pass at Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay), it seemed to acknowledge the fact that many viewers feel that Detective Benson is gay.

But in 2005, it’s not enough to play coy with viewers. Law and Order’s track record on lesbian and bisexual women is simply not good enough—it still regularly falls back on outdated, negative stereotypes.

Let’s hope that if Detective Benson ever comes out, she doesn’t get fired on the same day.

Amen to that.

Update: I found this site after a little sleuthing. Take it for what it is and come to your own conclusions.


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