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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Kiss Really Isn't Just a Kiss

17-year old "A" student Charlene Nguon has filed a lawsuit against Garden Grove Unified "against gays and lesbians" School District because of the discrimination and harassment she received after she kissed her girlfriend at school.
"I just don't understand why my girlfriend and I were not allowed to be affectionate but other couples are," Nguon said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit.
The suit, filed by the ACLU of Southern California, alleges that Nguon was singled out for discipline a number of times for displaying affection with her girlfriend, that she was outed to her parents, was forced to transfer, that her grades suffered as a result of the harassment.

This report comes only a day after this story from New Jersey.{365gay)

We don't really want to protect all of our children, do we?


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