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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Links to Start the Day

Losers. And I thought everyone there was smart.(365Gay)

Six couples in Florida have filed a petition asking the Florida Supreme Court to throw out a proposed ballot initiative because it violate's the Florida Constitution.(Miami Herald)
Florida4Marriage, working with the Christian Coalition and the Liberty Counsel, has gathered enough valid signatures to trigger the required review of its ballot language by the high court.
The couples argue that since Florida law already prevents same-sex marriage, the real purpose of the amendment is to prevent the establishment of legal rights to civil unions. Polls show most Floridians support civil unions.

A Canadian school district cancels Laramie Project production. Not because it involves gay issues, mind you.(Vancouver Sun)

Fun Metro Weekly article: Lesbian Stereo-hyping. No, We don't all play softball.

Panel to discuss gay acceptance in black churches. (Indiana Daily Student)

First gay slasher movie - HellBent.


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