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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor

The Boston Globe reports that Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff - one of the first gay couples to be married in Boston - are launching a web site that promises to list the names and addresses of anyone that signs a petition that could ultimately lead to the banning of same-sex marriages in that state.

The move by Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, one of the first gay couples married in the state, came after state Attorney General Thomas Reilly on Wednesday certified a ballot question that bans gay marriage and civil unions.
Now, the question's supporters must collect 65,825 signatures from registered voters, and approval from 25 percent of state lawmakers to get the question on the 2008 ballot.

The site - aptly title Know Thy Neighbor - currently lists the first 30 people that signed the original petition, including Boston Mayor Ray Flynn.

You Go Guys!


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