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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Miss Teen Bahamas Comes Out

In a candid interview with the Bahama Journal, Miss Teen Bahamas Gari McDonald comes out as a lesbian. (PageOneQ)

She has decided to file a law suit against the Miss Teen Bahamas committee as they have decided not to award her any of the prizes that came with the crown. They of course decided this after word spread that she was a lesbian. The committee has also threatened to strip her of her crown if she doesn't graciously step down and relinquish the perhaps more aptly named Straight Miss Teen Bahamas title to the first runner up. McDonald is being supported in her efforts by Rainbow Coalition.

Christian fundamentalists in the area (see, they really are everywhere) have always been vehemently opposed to what they like to refer to as liberal sexual orientation. Remember the flap about the gay cruise?

I think I'm going to start referring to heterosexuals as having conservative sexual orientation.


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