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Monday, September 12, 2005

Miss Teen Bahamas Update

Pageant officials stripped Gari McDonald, reigning Miss Teen Bahamas, of her crown.

The MTB committee released a press statement Wednesday stating, "Gari McDonald no longer holds the title as Miss Teen Bahamas".

"[She] will no longer represent [us] and is no longer authorized to conduct any business on behalf of the Miss Teen Bahamas committee."

Kandra Knowles, 14, will replace Ms McDonald, 18, the committee added.
Richa Sands, assistant director of the MTB committee, told the Guardian in a telephone interview that the committee was unanimous in its decision.

"How are we suppose to tolerate this as a committee?," Ms Sands said. "Ms McDonald said that we were doing whatever because of her sexual orientation and she knows quite well that was not the issue we were dealing with initially."

Ms Sands said the committee was still investigating claims that Ms McDonald harassed another woman who was threatening to take legal action.

"Now, she went ahead by herself, nobody accused her," Ms Sands said. "She went publicly and put to the media and to the world at large, her sexual position as a teenager."

As a representative of the Miss Teen Bahamas title and a representative of this country, "for us that is a major problem because we don't stand for that".

Updates as they occur. This may get messy.


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