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Friday, September 09, 2005

Shut the F***K Up!

I honestly to do know how much more of this wacko shit I can take. If one more right-wing, sex obsessed, gay bashing bigot blames Katrina on "the queers" I may just snap. I'm already in an incredibly foul mood over the attitude of the White House Gang and their Blame (not Plame, mind you) Game Show.

The latest comes from Matt "Freaky" Friedman via Agape Press. I should quit reading their sites but it is like a bad movie. You just can't turn it off. I also belong to the school of thought that you have to know your enemy as well as you know yourself.

I digress - Friedman says this:
It is most unpalatable, of course, to suggest divine wrath. But biblically there is such a thing, and to assume that such Godly interference with evil will never happen again in our "enlightened" age is folly. New Orleans, for one, was one formidable "sin city." To begin the litany of God-mockery is to wonder where to finally stop: the occult and voodoo, Mardi Gras and the annual Southern Decadence festival (basically a homosexual Mardi Gras), ten times the national average of murders, a reputation for the worst government corruption, casinos with their bribes of public officials, the famous Bourbon Street which has evolved into a long line of porn shops and strip joints, police officers so uncommitted as to join in recent looting, and a city heaving with crime.

He goes on to praise ass-kisser Haily Barbour and demonize - no surprise - Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. Doesn't even mention her by name. He also points out that the Greek origin of "Katrina" means pure.

Here that sound? The bashers are grinding their teeth to chomp on that nugget. It will start showing up soon on "Christian" sites as more proof that New Orleans deserved the devastation. A sad commentary on the human race. We haven't come a long way, baby.


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