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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stop Groundswell

Inspiring article from the university of Nebraska at Omaha's student newspaper, The Gateway.
One of the most shocking stories on the site was about another group called Groundswell. This group holds conferences for teachers, youth pastors and parents, giving them the tools to deal with students and children dealing with homosexuality. According to Groundswell, "Children are at risk, it's time for our communities to respond." How are they going to respond? The main focus of the conference will be the importance of public schools not promoting homosexuality.
The following paragraph is found on the Groundswell website:
"In many communities, faculty members have assisted high-school and middle-school students in forming 'Gay-Straight Alliances,' where gay-identified or questioning youth discuss their sexuality. Some school guidance counselors, acting on misinformation, tell questioning youth that they must be gay, if they have a same-sex attraction, and encourage them to accept their homosexuality rather than seeking change."
After reading that paragraph it's obvious that these teachers are wrong...right? I mean, if a child is struggling with his identity, you should tell him that there is only one way to live, whether you like it or not. Groundswell seems to know exactly what it's talking about. They want to teach children to be true to their teachings, but to deny who they really are.

This Groundswell group is what really concerns me. Lately there has been a rash of reports regarding Gay-Straight Alliances at high schools that are coming under fire and even being told to disband. There needs to be more attention paid to these high school groups. The enemies are getting ahead of us.

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