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Friday, September 23, 2005

Take Action

GLAAD has issued a Take Action on the New York Times for their recent article - Sex Stop on the Way Home. Here are the reasons:
The article’s sensational language, lurid tone, and reliance on anonymous sources drag the Times far beneath its usually high journalistic standards. Among the serious concerns that GLAAD has raised regarding this story:
Words, such as “troll,” and phrases, such as “troll remote parking lots” and “trolls this thoroughfare,” are indicative of the tabloid journalism that permeates this article.

All but one source quoted in the story is anonymous. This appears to conflict with the Times’ own policy governing confidential news sources adopted in February, 2004, that discourages this practice unless “the newspaper could not otherwise print information it considers reliable and newsworthy.”

The story’s news value is highly questionable. The only attributed source in the article, Marc A. Haken, president of the Friends of Cunningham Park, said that there have been “no complaints from park users and residents.”

If Kilgannon and his editors had been interested in a serious exploration of this issue, they would have consulted and cited—on the record—public health officials, sociologists and other credible experts. As it stands, the story appears to have been written more to titillate than to enlighten.

Please write a letter to the editor expressing your concerns about this article and misrepresentation of lesbian, gay and transgender issues.


You may also elect to cc: your letter to:

Byron Calame
Public Editor-Editorial
New York Times

Susan Edgerly
Metro Editor-Editorial
New York Times

Corey Kilgannon
Metro Reporter-Editorial
New York Times

Read the article here. I expect better from them. Obviously I shouldn't.


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