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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Tidbits

MA priest pulled from pulpit (probably by the threads of his cassock) for refusing to support the state bishops' anti-gay push. (Boston Globe)
The move came after Lange and his associate pastor, the Rev. Stephen Labaire, posted an item in the Sept. 11 church bulletin stating their opposition to a proposed Constitutional amendment that would ban on gay marriage. The state's Catholic bishops are leading a signature drive to get the amendment on the 2008 ballot.
The bulletin item read: "The priests of this parish do not feel that they can support this amendment. They do not see any value to it and they see it as an attack upon certain people in our parish, namely those who are gay."

Woodstock couple ready to head to town hall in Connecticut.(Norwich Bulletin)

Again with the penquins.(Detroit News)
At the Web site for Focus on the Family, an influential organization run by radio host James C. Dobson, who has called homosexuality a disorder and advocates converting gays, a commentator, Warren Throckmorten, wrote: "For those who have pointed to Roy and Silo as models for us all, these developments must be disappointing. Some gay activists might actually be angry."
Well, maybe not angry. As Roberta Sklar, a spokeswoman for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, put it: "There's almost an obsession with questions such as, 'Is sexual orientation a birthright or a choice?' And looking at the behavior of two penguins in captivity is not a way to answer that question."
She said the furor over the penguins "is a little ridiculous. Or maybe a lot ridiculous."

Review of John Roberts hearing from a gay perspective.(MetroWeekly)

Great opinion via MetroWeekly on Jeff Gannon Blade column.
Crain claims that this whole issue is one of tolerance. Perhaps, he's right. It's an issue of how much a reader should be asked to tolerate from editors who are more concerned with ginning up controversy than actually challenging their readers.


Blogger Kathy said...

"Civil unions are not in the best interest of our children and in the best interest of our state," FIC executive director Brian Brown said. "The state has made a grave mistake in attempting to essentially tell our citizens that kids don't need a mom and a dad. They are saying family form doesn't matter, and that's a major mistake."

I wish this guy would work for Child Protective Services for a couple of months so he could see what some of his revered straight parents do to harm their children. It's the quality, not the identity, of the parents that's important.

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