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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Toddler Alert

Trinity House College, a private school in Randburg, South Africa recently denied entry to a 4 year old because the child had lesbian parents.

It came as a surprise to them that they were being singled out for a meeting with the principal since they had been assured that the school welcomed their black son, as the school was trying to improve its 'quota' of black children at the school. They presumed this to be the reason for the principal's hostile attitude. However, the first question that Dr Staples put to them was whether or not they were a lesbian couple, to which they answered yes.
Dr Staples continued to explain that as Trinity House was a Christian based school and because homosexuality was regarded as a sin, evil and unethical, to save Moggee and Bruna from any further pain, he felt that maybe it would be better that their child was not placed within his school. Nonetheless, they were told that the sizable school fee deposit they had paid in advance was non refundable.

The South African Human Rights Commission is encouraging the couple to take legal action against the school.


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