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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

When Profs Talk Do Students Listen?

A Washington University professor has been criticized for anti-gay writings found on his website. (KSDK St. Louis) I know - free speech and everything. But the personal site is linked to his university site.
"I'm not a bigot. I come to a moral judgment. My moral judgment is that certain behavior is evil and immoral. It's immoral because it kills people," said Katz.
Washington University student Jeff Stepp says although he has no problem with Katz and his opinions, he does have a problem with Katz's articles being linked to the University Website, "As a public figure in the University, what he says in some small way, especially if it's on University Web space, stands for the university. And do we want this as part of our community?"
A spokesman says Washington University has a strict policy regarding discrimination, and in the school's opinion Professor Katz has not violated that policy, he has simply exercised his right to express an opinion.

Their policy doesn't sound so strict to me. I visited the Washington University site, found his site and quickly located the article "In Defense of Homophobia" that he wrote in May of 1999. His parting line? I am a homophobe, and proud.

FYI: Here is his rate your professor page found at
Update: I just rechecked the ratings page and "homophobe" has been removed from the comment that was dated yesterday. Very interesting.


Blogger GayProf said...

These are always tough questions. Still, I am too much of a lefty to think we should start policing people’s words. Universities have to be places where people can share their ideas, even if they are as reprehensible as “Homophobe and Proud.”

After all, I want to preserve my rights to teach and talk about things that I feel are important (My rights are also much more endangered than “Homophobe and Proud’s” rights).

12:57 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Great points. I often rant with the first thoughts that pop into my head. I still have a problem that his site links to the University site - but I want to stay in the lefty camp so I'll shut my pie hole. Thanks for commenting.

11:12 AM


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