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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Armstrong Deal Under the Microscope reports that "the US Attorney's office has begun an inquiry into the use by the Bush administration of anti-gay commentator Armstrong Williams to promote its so-called marriage initiative."
The Government Accountability Office has concluded that the Education Department engaged in illegal "covert propaganda" by hiring Williams to promote the No Child Left Behind Act without requiring him to disclose that he was being paid. The Education Department's inspector general also reviewed the Williams deal.

Armstrong is a closet case and formally an aide to Supreme Court Justice and porno-lover Clarence Thomas. He also linked gay rights activists to organized crime referring to activists as the homosexual Costa Nostra - a reference to the Sicilian Mafia. Armstrong was reportedly paid a quarter of a million smackers and hasn't returned any of it - nor was he asked to by the administration. Possible outcomes of the investigation range from suing to recover the money to criminal charges. I hope he goes to jail and sits in the cell next to DeLay, Rove and Cheney.
USA Today Reports he is "negotiating a deal" to pay back some of the money.
Education Department engaged may be charged with

Guess who produced The Armstrong Williams Collection? Go kiss him for this one.


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