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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Funny post about gay and lesbian TV viewing habits.(Proceed At Your Own Risk)
So what do we watch? Well, we like South Park every bit as much as we like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
Gay men also prefer, in this order, Comedy Central, Discovery, Spike TV (I thought that was for straight men?), A&E, Bravo, SciFi, Lifetime, FoxNews (say it ain't so!) and HGTV.
The Lesbos love Law & Order: SVU, Golden Girls (oh those sexy silver bitches!) and Spike TV's "Real TV".They also have a fondness for HBO, A&E, USA, ESPN (whew, at least one stereotype holds up), Discovery, Lifetime, Showtime, Bravo, TNT and Starz.

I can safely agree with the lesbos liking Law & Order: SVU. Do you think it has anything to do with her?


Anonymous EnergyPaws said...

Oh yeah.. it's all about Mariska... that "911" episode was all about Mariska.. when she elbowed that guy in the face... ok.,.I was out of my chair in excitement!

2:38 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

Speaking only for myself, of course, straight women watch SVU for Mariska too. She's gorgeous in a really interesting and mature way (read: doesn't try to look like a 15-year-old concentration camp victim), and she can act.

6:28 PM


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