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Monday, October 17, 2005

Do Mess With Texas

Here is commentary I discovered while reading MetroWeekly regarding the upcoming constitutional amendment that would not only ban gay marriage in Texas but anything "similar". The LGBT communities everywhere need to pay attention to this one.
The proposed state constitutional amendment would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Nothing surprising there. But its second sentence goes on to prohibit the state and any of its political subdivisions (like counties and cities) from creating or recognizing any status ''identical or similar'' to marriage. That means civil unions are out, and it probably prohibits broad domestic partnership programs too. The amendment might also make enforcement of some private agreements between same-sex partners more doubtful since enforcing them might require a judge to ''recognize'' a relationship ''similar'' to marriage.
The Texas Marriage Amendment is thus among the most sweeping amendments proposed anywhere in the country. The damage it would do is huge and long-lasting. Short of a ruling that it violates the federal constitution, it could not be reversed except by another state constitutional amendment. That would require a 2/3 vote in both houses of the state legislature, followed by another popular vote. It will be a very long time before a majority, much less a super-majority, of the Texas legislature supports gay marriage or anything like it.
The author is pretty critical of the No Nonsense in November campaign and points out apparent apathy of gays and lesbians that will be affected if this amendment passes. He also notes that there is an opportunity for defeat of the amendment considering the vote comes in an off-year election with turnout predicted to be between 5-7%. This gives both gay rights supporters and religious conservatives the opportunity to be successful.

This battle can be won - but thus far it seems to me that the hate-pushers have the advantage. Apathy would be a sad reason to loose this fight.


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