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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Little Class

Via Karen and Bookslut:
An Episcopalian school in Austin returned a $3 million donation rather than comply with a parent's request to censor the gay-themed Annie Proulx short story "Brokeback Mountain" (recently adapted into a film). St. Andrew's Episcopal School made the unbelievably gutsy decision despite pressure from rich guys like Cary McNair, whose daddy owns the Houston Texans, and Ben Crenshaw, a professional golfer. It might be 134 degrees in the summer, but God, I love this fucking city.

I've written a couple of posts about the film adaptation of "Brokeback Mountain". This one made me smile the most.
Note to self: Drop out of the Ben Crenshaw fan club. And hope Nancy Lopez doesn't complain next.


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