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Friday, October 14, 2005


From the director of "Dear Jesse" - a film that compared the life of the 30-year-old gay director with that of bigot-turned Senator Jesse Helms - we now have "Loggerhead". This flick tells the life story of a young man - abandoned by his mother at birth and adopted by strict religious conservatives in Eden, NC. Mark, played by Kip Pardue, runs away from home at 17 after his parents have a predictably bad reaction to his homosexuality.
"Loggerheads" is the year's second movie, following "Junebug," to be steeped in North Carolina atmosphere, and Mr. Kirkman's knowledge and obvious love of his home state lend the film a pungent authenticity. The settings feel comfortably lived-in and the people three-dimensional. As the film, based on a true story, weaves its three loose strands together, it adeptly uses a subtle lapsed-time structure - it unfolds in three successive years (1999 in Kure Beach, 2000 in Eden and 2001 in Asheville) - to set up the story's one narrative jolt.

This film opens today in New York and Los Angeles.

I'm always interested in films about adoption - as I was adopted at birth and have since, with my partner, adopted a child from central Asia. Of course we also live in North Carolina and are gay. I anxiously await the NC opening.


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Personally i like Kip Pardue( See his filmography at Most Wanted Movies.

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