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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Note to the Closeted Movie Stars Out There

It is fairly common knowledge now that Tab Hunter - one of the early golden boys in Hollywood - is gay. His bio is out and looks interesting. He talks about his "beards", starlets like Natalie Wood and Etchika Choureau, and his relationship with Anthony Perkins. I found this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning that raises an interesting question. The author wonders how far we've really come in being "out". He wonders why more gay and lesbian Mr. & Ms. Big Shot Movie Stars don't grace the covers of gay magazines or campaign for equal rights. I wonder the same thing.
Have things changed? So few big-name actors are out that the nation's few gay magazines stock their covers with nongay stars playing queer roles. A major film about two cowboys called Brokeback Mountain is about to be released, two cowboys in love, two cowboys afraid, two cowboys in a closet as big as all outdoors. We can already see the interview: Yeah, I had to kiss a dude, but I shut my eyes and thought about his hottie sister. They always say that.
So what's stopping you, Oscar-winner with yet another forgettable opus on the charts, or you, drop-dead-handsome lead with wrong-gender eye candy on your arm? Do you think you'll be importuned to raise money for causes that embarrass you, or be forced to grin and wave to hordes of ravenous gay teens? You do anyway.
A good actor can play any role, but sometimes the acting should stop.

What are you waiting on?


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