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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Queen and King

Students at Buffalo Grove High School in Chicago have chosen their homecoming court - and it looks like they won't be taking each other to the prom next year.
The choice that students made, however, is attracting attention and causing controversy.

Davlantes said it may not shock people that a jock and a cheerleader were chosen as homecoming king and queen at Buffalo Grove High School, but what surprises some and concerns others is what's different about the two students and what it might say about their generation.

Jen Wohlner and Ryan Cooperman are popular leaders at the school. They're also openly gay, Davlantes said.

Well then. She's the jock - he's the cheerleader. How many times I have lamented the fact that I'm not 17 any more? Add this instance to the list.


Blogger GayProf said...

Man, these kids today . . .

I would have killed to be Homecoming Queen.

1:21 PM


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