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Friday, October 07, 2005

You'll Have to Drink Espresso While You Read

The New York Daily News reports that John Ashcroft is shopping around for a publisher for his memoirs.
Literary lobbyist?: That was President Bush's first attorney general, hard-core right-winger John Ashcroft, making the scene at Michael's yesterday, greeting Judith Giuliani at a nearby table and otherwise trying not to look scared out of his wits among the liberal-Democrat Manhattanites who frequent the famed media-celebrity watering hole. I hear that Ashcroft - who's now a Washington lobbyist, natch - is in town on a two-day juggernaut to sell his memoirs to a high-paying publisher, with the help of his lawyer, Bob Barnett, who also reps Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Let's see - we know he doesn't dance, certainly doesn't smoke or do drugs - and I'd rather not think about the sex. What the hell is he going to write about? I did discover from a 2000 bio that his hobbies include singing, song-writing, piano playing, fishing, tennis, hiking and dirt-biking. Now - that's what I call interesting. Maybe he can add this juicy tidbits as well (found via the same bio):
*His public life has been scandal-free. Perhaps the incident that gained him the most notoriety while governor came when his wife had the state library opened on Mother's Day, a state holiday, so their son could finish his homework.
*He does not drink, smoke or dance. At his gubernatorial inaugural balls, Ashcroft bypassed leading the traditional first dance, instead playing "The Missouri Waltz" on the piano as his wife, Janet, watched and smiled.
*Ashcroft can be stiff in formal settings, and even informal ones. "Some politicians dominate a room; he fades into the wallpaper," the National Review once observed.


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