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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cross Baylor Off Your List

Baylor U. just keeps impressing me. NOT. (
Baylor University has told a graduate, who served for five years on the advisory board for its business school, that his no longer welcome after learning that he is gay.

Tim Smith, a 1983 graduate, was one of 36 members of the Hankamer School of Business advisory panel.

In an interview with the Baylor Lariat, Smith says that since graduating from the Baptist school he has personally donated more than $65,000 to Baylor and raised and additional $60,000 to establish an academic scholarship.
He needs to ask for a refund.


Blogger Brady said...

Refund is right. I can't believe he has gone that far, though. It's not like their view on gays is a big secret.

3:35 PM

Blogger Kathy said...

He should charge penalties and interest too.

4:52 PM


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