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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When I Knew I Was Gay

In the past I've questioned Ophrah's possible homophobia - she just doesn't seem that comfortable to me around queers. Yes, she tries - but I'm not buying it - yet. Tomorrow her show will feature Amanda Jessen - an out lesbian that is a freshmen at the University of Califorina, Los Angeles. Amanda is a Point Foundation scholar - this organziation "provides financial support and mentoring to LGBT students who are marginalized due to their sexual orientation or gender identity".
Jessen was born and raised in Orange County, Calif., and after coming out to her mother, she was removed from the home that she had known for her entire life. The core of her senior year consisted of nomadic conditions, moving from her mother's to her grandmother's and finally settling in with her father.

Amanda has maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.12 while lettering in softball. As an out lesbian senior at her high school, Amanda worked to further gay rights and other progressive causes by helping solidify the first gay-straight alliance since her high school disbanded the group three years ago.

Note to Oprah: Please give me some sort of sign - don't be afraid to go there.


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