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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who Do They Like?

Please tell me who they actually approve of these days? (Los Angeles Times)
n the last 12 months, conservative advocacy groups have urged their millions of members to stop buying brand after trusted brand. Boycotts have long been a mainstay of both the right and the left, but analysts say there's a new intensity to the protests as social conservatives test their ability to punish companies for taking liberal stances on issues such as abortion and gay rights.

Their latest target: the popular line of American Girl dolls and books.

The American Family Assn., an influential conservative group, recently told its 2.1 million e-mail subscribers that American Girl made "a terrible mistake" by donating money to a nonprofit youth group that supports abortion rights. More than 100,000 consumers have used the group's website to e-mail a protest to American Girl.

The Pro-Life Action League, an antiabortion group based in Chicago, plans to announce a boycott of the brand today. That would put American Girl's dolls, accessories and books on a long list of products — including Allstate insurance, Nike shoes and Victoria's Secret lingerie — targeted in recent months.

Freaks. All of them.


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