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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Bottom Line

A landmark may be shutting down. (Southern Voice)
After three decades as a beacon for lesbians across the region, Charis Books & More needs a significant increase in sales if it is to survive to reach its 32nd birthday next November, according to co-owners Linda Bryant and Sara Look.

In a widely disseminated Dec. 11 email, the staff for the South’s oldest feminist bookstore asked the "Charis Community" if they still "want and need Charis to be here."

Owning and operating any business is hard on many levels. I'm amazed and joyous they've been in business 32 years. If you shop in or around Atlanta - help them out with a purchase or two. They are also looking at other options, including the possibility ofbecomingg a coffee house.
To survive, Look said Charis needs to raise sales by approximately 20 percent, as well as raising capital — as much as $50,000, though she says the figure is approximate — through donations or investors.

Combined with increased sales, an infusion of capital, from a donor or other source, could enable "transformations" at Charis ranging from a coffeehouse to ideas not even on the table yet, Bryant said.


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