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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Papal Casualty

An AIDS fundraiser to be held at Boston College was abruptly canceled after the release of the Vatican's "instruction" manual on dealing with gays in the priesthood. BC is - of course - closely aligned with the Archdiocese of Boston. (
Sadly, it's about the money:
The administration had originally given gay students permission to organize the "AIDS Benefit Gala, A Celebration of Diversity." The event was to have been held on December 9. Tickets had bee printed, and Veronica Joseph one of the student organizers told there had been a lot of "positive buzz" on campus.
Then this little tidbit came to light.
Joseph said that in meetings with the GLBT Leadership Council, Dean for Student Development, Robert Sherwood, and Vice-President for Student Affairs Cheryl Presley cited an impending billion dollar fundraising drive in which the University would will seek the support of "older, more conservative alumni."

Shameful. I guess they could hold the fundraiser if the money was for cancer research?


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