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Friday, September 30, 2005

You Don't Bring Me Flowers Any More

William Jefferson Cinton.

Link stolen from Feminste.

Bama Links

I just hope my two newest links don't care that I pull for the Gamecocks. Yes. I know what the score was this year.

Visit Blue Gal and Birmingham Blues before they cut me off.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest ...

If "they" don't use the word "gay" are we still "gay"?

Lavender love to Good As You.

Absolut Perfection

Via 2 Political Junkies.

Grown Up Pain

I never liked him on Growing Pains. Now I know why.
Kirk Cameron is co-host of "The Way of the Master" with evangelist Ray Comfort. The weekly half-hour program features evangelism training and video clips of actual street witnessing. Cameron says believers must witness in word and in deed. He acknowledges that most people do not want to appear pushy or offensive when it comes to sharing the gospel; and as a result, he says, many remain silent, choosing instead to just "live the life."

[Cue sound effects]Come back from the Dark Side, Kirk. Come back![End sound effects]

Update: KJ pointed out to me that the quote I have here has nothing to do with my mission statement or as he/she puts it my "single issue project". So - here's a Kirk Cameron quote for you that will do the trick:
"It's true that many homosexuals are very kind, nice people. But the bible teaches us that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God, and sin makes God angry. Many homosexuals say they were born that way and they didn't choose to be homosexual, but Jesus said that we must resist sin. Temptation isn't a sin in and of itself, but acting on the temptation is. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice..."

....And so on. But it wasn't enough for Cameron to just have this opinion and keep it to himself. Instead, he took to the streets of California to minister directly to the gay community... and not surprisingly, there were no shortage of gay men to be found. (We ARE talking about California here.)
(From a Trinity Network interview via a pop culture blog)
See - he doesn't like gay people and he does think we can change. Or be saved. It isn't the Christianity I have a problem with - it's the hate.

Now a Word From Armistead

Recently Armistead Maupin commented about what he has referred to as a "cup burning" - the pulling of that homo agenda promoting Starbucks grande cup at Baylor University.(Southern Voice)
In the quotation, which was part of Starbucks'’ "“The Way I See It Campaign,"” Maupin said, "“My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life'’s too damn short."
The conservative Concerned Women for America reacted to the quotation in an Aug. 10 column by Meghan Kleppinger that called for a boycott because the popular coffee was "supporting the homosexual agenda."”
"“The great irony by this imaginary cup burning is that it has given [the quotation] far more publicity than it would have ever received,"” Maupin said in an interview this week. "“Every gay student at Baylor has seen that quote, and I'’m very glad for it."”

For good measure, let's all read his Tales of the City series in honor of banned books week! You can't tell me they never made the list.

P.S. Baylor University recently received the #3 position on the top 20 worst colleges for gay publishedlist puplished by the Princeton Review.

A Toast to the Newly Unionized

Ct will make it official tomorrow. Here's a toast to our queer couples in the Constitution State!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Reason #5,456,125,173 Bush Is Worst.President.Ever.

Visit and help out. If Shakes Sis doesn't deserve it I don't know who does.

Hot Off the Press. Cafe Press.

See more here.

Black Pastors Outed

According to The Empty Closet:
(LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK) Black lesbian and gay leaders Jasmyne Cannick and Keith Boykin kicked off a five part series entitled “Outing Black Pastors” on Monday, Sept. 25. The campaign, geared at exposing the hypocrisy preached by Black pastors as it relates to lesbians and gays, featured a profile a on two Black pastors each day this week including Atlanta’s Bishop Eddie Long, Dallas’ T.D. Jakes, Los Angeles’ Bishop Noel Jones and Washington’s Reverend Willie Wilson.
The series continues today with a profile of New Orleans’ Bishop Paul Morton and Chicago’s Reverend Gregory Daniels.

And this:
“For far too long, homophobic black ministers have been able to spew their hateful venom from the pulpit without accountability,” commented Jasmyne Cannick. “We’re tired of the hypocrisy and divisive ‘Christian’ rhetoric that too many black pastors are spreading, and we’re tired of these same ministers selling out their pulpits to the highest bidder.”

More info here and here.

Thursday Tidbits

MA priest pulled from pulpit (probably by the threads of his cassock) for refusing to support the state bishops' anti-gay push. (Boston Globe)
The move came after Lange and his associate pastor, the Rev. Stephen Labaire, posted an item in the Sept. 11 church bulletin stating their opposition to a proposed Constitutional amendment that would ban on gay marriage. The state's Catholic bishops are leading a signature drive to get the amendment on the 2008 ballot.
The bulletin item read: "The priests of this parish do not feel that they can support this amendment. They do not see any value to it and they see it as an attack upon certain people in our parish, namely those who are gay."

Woodstock couple ready to head to town hall in Connecticut.(Norwich Bulletin)

Again with the penquins.(Detroit News)
At the Web site for Focus on the Family, an influential organization run by radio host James C. Dobson, who has called homosexuality a disorder and advocates converting gays, a commentator, Warren Throckmorten, wrote: "For those who have pointed to Roy and Silo as models for us all, these developments must be disappointing. Some gay activists might actually be angry."
Well, maybe not angry. As Roberta Sklar, a spokeswoman for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, put it: "There's almost an obsession with questions such as, 'Is sexual orientation a birthright or a choice?' And looking at the behavior of two penguins in captivity is not a way to answer that question."
She said the furor over the penguins "is a little ridiculous. Or maybe a lot ridiculous."

Review of John Roberts hearing from a gay perspective.(MetroWeekly)

Great opinion via MetroWeekly on Jeff Gannon Blade column.
Crain claims that this whole issue is one of tolerance. Perhaps, he's right. It's an issue of how much a reader should be asked to tolerate from editors who are more concerned with ginning up controversy than actually challenging their readers.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Haiku Slam

Roxanne is hosting the First Annual Rox Pop "Tom Delay Haiku Slam". Entries encouraged.

Family values.
Delay spoke without delay.
Indicted for fraud.

Tidmus to the Rescue

This could only come from Mike. I'm so jealous. Everyone knows how much I adore the Concerned (Straight)Women for (Straight)America.

Couldn't Resist

From Julien's List.

Is Bush Gay?

Read a Banned Book

My choice today for your reading pleasure. A book crusaders want off bookshelves because of its gay theme. Whatever. Aren't we given the task of teaching children?

Great article found at Bookslut from 2004. Of course I don't imagine that those wanting to ban books read Bookslut.

Het Officer

The University of New England in New South Wales as appointed a "heterosexuality officer".
The position was created in protest to what some students say is "“preferential treatment"” given to LGBT student groups on campus.
Many universities in Australia have gay and lesbian student groups, which receive a portion of their funding from mandatory student union fees paid by every student. The federal government, however, has recently announced plans to make the payment of such fees voluntary, prompting protests from students around the country who say the quality of student life on campus will decline if funds are cut. Craig Comrie, the gay officer for Australia's National Union of Students, says that queer groups are set up and supported because LGBT students are often marginalised on campus.
Allen says he has no objection to LGBT groups on campus, as long as they are not given any preferential treatment. "It doesn't matter whether you're straight, gay, black, white or brindle," he said. "But when it starts getting, 'Oh, we need a space for us to hang out,' it's crap. Just come down (to) the pub and have a few beers with us."

Okay. We'll just all come down to the pub for a pint so we can be ridiculed. Would you mind if we held hands with our date? Kissed her in public? Danced close? No, Mr. Allen. You are the one full of crap. You may think you mean well and that everyone is as "open-minded" as you. Trust me. They aren't.

Update: Story link via Good As You.

Reason #4,426 to Move to Canada

According to (via Pam) - Allison Brewer has become the first out lesbian to lead a political party in North America. She won a first ballot victory which means she know leads the New Democratic Party in New Brunswick.
"I will make my presence felt and I want Bernard Lord and Shawn Graham to know that I am on my way," she said after her win
Lord is the leader of New Brunswick's Conservative Party and the sitting premier. Graham is the Liberal leader. Both are ahead of the New Democrats in the polls.
Following her win, Brewer's 20 year old son gave her a hug and declared, "You're my leader. You will always be my leader."
Brewer has two other grown children. A former journalist she has been a gay activist and is former executive director of a Fredericton abortion clinic in Fredericton. She recently spent four years in Canada's far north serving as a senior adviser to government of Nunavut.
To many people in New Brunswick she is best known for her battle with Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside, who refused to proclaim Gay Pride Week. She took the matter to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, which ordered Mr. Woodside to proclaim Gay Pride Week in 1998.
She acknowledges some voters will be turned off by an openly gay pro-abortion political leader but she says she won't back down on those issues or run away from them now.
"I will continue to speak out on it. As the leader I think there are things I have to hear and I will certainly respect other people's opinions but anyone who thinks that a woman doesn't have the right to choose is just wrong and anyone who doesn't support equal marriage for Canadians is just wrong," she said. "And I won't hear any arguments to the contrary."

Gay Gators

UF sophomore David Rodriguez is organizing a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender co-ed fraternity on campus. (Alligator Online)
He originally planned to create a men-only fraternity that supports the LGBT community, which would mirror already existing chapters in the nation.
But after an LGBT assembly two weeks ago, women expressed interest.
If Rodriguez was to create a co-ed fraternity supporting the LGBT community, it would be more complicated because no such organizations currently exist, he said.
If he sees interest in a co-ed fraternity, a new national organization would have to be formed, which could take five years.
Before the fraternity can be created, Rodriguez would need to find out how many people would join.
Having both an LGBT fraternity and a sorority is another option, he said.

Being part of the LGBT community would not be a membership requirement according to Rodgriguez. Anyone that wants to learn more about the community would be welcome as well. I don't know - I personally think you need to be gay to join a gay fraternity.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

People to Ignore Today

Bob Knight and anything the Concerned (Straight)Women for (Straight)America think.

This from Agape - with hate - Press.

Everyone at LifeSite.

Brownie Brown
. (Read the Shakes Sis post - just ignore him.)

When Profs Talk Do Students Listen?

A Washington University professor has been criticized for anti-gay writings found on his website. (KSDK St. Louis) I know - free speech and everything. But the personal site is linked to his university site.
"I'm not a bigot. I come to a moral judgment. My moral judgment is that certain behavior is evil and immoral. It's immoral because it kills people," said Katz.
Washington University student Jeff Stepp says although he has no problem with Katz and his opinions, he does have a problem with Katz's articles being linked to the University Website, "As a public figure in the University, what he says in some small way, especially if it's on University Web space, stands for the university. And do we want this as part of our community?"
A spokesman says Washington University has a strict policy regarding discrimination, and in the school's opinion Professor Katz has not violated that policy, he has simply exercised his right to express an opinion.

Their policy doesn't sound so strict to me. I visited the Washington University site, found his site and quickly located the article "In Defense of Homophobia" that he wrote in May of 1999. His parting line? I am a homophobe, and proud.

FYI: Here is his rate your professor page found at
Update: I just rechecked the ratings page and "homophobe" has been removed from the comment that was dated yesterday. Very interesting.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, M.E.L.
I so *heart* you.

Stop One for the Bigot Brigade

New Vatican scrutiny of homo tendencies within seminaries starts here.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Last Supper Redux

Ha. (Via Gay Orbit)

50 is the new 30

Olivia - those clever gals that have created a travel empire via lavender money - has plans to jump into the retirement community business. A smart business move, for sure. The Palm Springs location will be out of my budget but Martina will probably be very happy there.

After reading the article I began to wax nostalgic - you see, we've taken an Olivia Cruise. So, without further ado, I will present to you the quiz I sent around to all of my inquiring friends when we returned regarding our Olivia experience. Feel free to post your own answers.

1. The food was delicious and served by:
a. Hot lesbians in togas.
b. Small men from the Philippines that were very,
very confused.
c. Men in drag with bad lipstick.

2. Most of the women had:
a. Perfect hair, white teeth, and little bikinis.
b. Mullets, beer bellies, saggy boobs breasts with pierced
c. Women? There were no women.

3. Lisa and I had a wonderful time, especially
a. Getting massages from buff Linda Hamilton-like
b. Talking about the other guests over Kahlua and
Creams in the Ocean Bar.
c. Buying straw dolls and purses from native folk on
Grand Bahama Island.

4. Overheard at the pool:

a. God, I've never seen so many hot women! Are they
filming "The L Word"?
b. They put the cute ones in the pamphlet.
c. Mariska, could you pass me the Coppertone? I just
think you are fabulous on Law and Order.

I know. Not very PC. Save the hate mail. Just remember all of the answers are "B" when you book your next Olivia vacation. And I'm more than a little peeved they are going after the "gay male travel market". Sell outs. I'm thinking about putting answer 4B on a T-Shirt.

Chinese Pride Scene

Here is an interesting tidbit regarding the publicatin of the first guide to gay and lesbian China - The Utopia Guide to China. (PageOneQ)
China (PRWEB) September 25, 2005 -- "The Utopia Guide to China" is the first printed book to detail the gay and lesbian scene in 45 Chinese cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kunming, Nanjing, Macau, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiamen, and Xian.
Listed within are contact details for organizations and businesses that are popular social alternatives for both Chinese and foreign homosexuals. In addition to bars, discos, bookshops, spas, and restaurants, there is also a special section for women, highlighting Chinese groups and clubs that are especially welcoming to lesbians.
Hundreds of savvy comments and recommendations from local gays provide insights for both seasoned travelers and armchair explorers. The guidebook is multi-lingual, with Chinese instructions for taxi drivers included for some of the most popular venues.
The earliest historical records of homosexuality in China date back to the Shang Dynasty (1,700 B.C.) and China's long literary tradition offers many elegant references to socially accepted gay relationships among the ruling elite. However, the lives and loves of common folk and women were rarely valued highly enough to be put into song, verse, or scholarly library, and so this guidebook is also an important historical documentation of an overlooked sub-culture as it emerges from the shadows.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Genius. Pure Genius.

Mike Tidmus was recently added to my Blog Roll. Now you know why. Can you say H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S?

Sunday Breakfast Links

Whacko Fred Phelps has info on Rita. Read it before you eat. Although I've seen better tirades from him. He's going soft.

Civil unions start on Oct. 1 in CT. Now what do we call these newlyweds?

Roundtable discussion of gays and lesbians over 50. Worth reading.(Q-Notes)

Banned book focus now on gay/lesbian themed novels. Big surprise. Can't the book haters let go of "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"? The 23rd annual Banned Books Week started yesterday and will continue until October 1. Read all the banned books you can find (new post up later today as this is a topic near and dear to my heart). (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Bugsy Rips The Terminhater

Warren Beatty - not ruling out a run against Arnold - ripped the current gov at the California Nurses Association convention last night.(The Argus)

Girlz that Rock

Read Pam and Shakes Sis to know why you should be adoring and throw rose petals at their feet. Smart, sassy and right on target. I often dream about growing up to be just like them.

Teaser one:
I'’m going to do it. I'’m going to ask the question We Dare Not Ask. And it might piss some people off, and it might inspire others to ask me if I'’ve lost my gourd. But it needs to be asked, and I'’m going to be the one to do it.

Why the hell are we sticking with the Dems?

I don'’t know about you, but I invested time, energy, and money into the Democratic Party during the last election, and I'’m not getting much of a return on my investment. In fact, lately I'’ve been feeling like the party to whom I'’ve been loyal for my entire life is giving me the finger.

And, teaser two:
I don't like getting patted on the head and told to be patient while the Dem buggers have their hands out looking for cash to try to win over "soccer moms" and Joe Six Pack, playing to their fears instead of educating them. We've made it easier on Dems to suck up to these demographics than to explain that it's more relevant to their lives that corporate greed, malfeasance (and dare we say unpatriotic actions) -- Bush's "base" -- are ripping them off. That's certainly more important than a gay couple wants to marry. The Dem establishment is too f*cking lazy and spineless.

Read the rest. Please.

Take Action

GLAAD has issued a Take Action on the New York Times for their recent article - Sex Stop on the Way Home. Here are the reasons:
The article’s sensational language, lurid tone, and reliance on anonymous sources drag the Times far beneath its usually high journalistic standards. Among the serious concerns that GLAAD has raised regarding this story:
Words, such as “troll,” and phrases, such as “troll remote parking lots” and “trolls this thoroughfare,” are indicative of the tabloid journalism that permeates this article.

All but one source quoted in the story is anonymous. This appears to conflict with the Times’ own policy governing confidential news sources adopted in February, 2004, that discourages this practice unless “the newspaper could not otherwise print information it considers reliable and newsworthy.”

The story’s news value is highly questionable. The only attributed source in the article, Marc A. Haken, president of the Friends of Cunningham Park, said that there have been “no complaints from park users and residents.”

If Kilgannon and his editors had been interested in a serious exploration of this issue, they would have consulted and cited—on the record—public health officials, sociologists and other credible experts. As it stands, the story appears to have been written more to titillate than to enlighten.

Please write a letter to the editor expressing your concerns about this article and misrepresentation of lesbian, gay and transgender issues.


You may also elect to cc: your letter to:

Byron Calame
Public Editor-Editorial
New York Times

Susan Edgerly
Metro Editor-Editorial
New York Times

Corey Kilgannon
Metro Reporter-Editorial
New York Times

Read the article here. I expect better from them. Obviously I shouldn't.

Gay Cowboys

I've posted a couple of links about Brokeback Mountain lately. Obviously I'm fascinated. This article in Guardian Unlimited is the best to date.
Every once in a while a film comes along that changes our perceptions so much that cinema history thereafter has to arrange itself around it. Think of Thelma and Louise or Chungking Express, Blow-Up or Orlando - all big films that taught us to look and think and swagger differently. Brokeback Mountain is just such a film. Even for audiences educated by a decade of the New Queer Cinema phenomenon - from Mala Noche and Poison to High Art and Boys Don't Cry - it's a shift in scope and tenor so profound as to signal a new era.

I can't wait.

Really Christian

A "Christian" school in Ontario, CA has expelled a 14-year-old student. The sin? Her parents are lesbians. Here is a portion of the letter they received:
"Your family does not meet the policies of admission," Superintendent Leonard Stob wrote to Tina Clark, the girl's biological mother.
Stob wrote that school policy requires that at least one parent may not engage in practices "immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian life style, such as cohabitating without marriage or in a homosexual relationship," The Los Angeles Times reported in Friday's edition. (Sun Hearald)

When will the religious right learn that they are neither?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Category 5 Meltdown

Wayne Besen - author of Anything But Straight - posts this about "ex-gay" con-artist Richard Cohen and his obvious meltdown. It is an e-mail prayer request that Cohen sent out after the two debated on a New Jersey cable station:
This kind of spiritual oppression has occured before, when confronting national leaders of the homosexual movement. I know they pray for my/our demise, anyone facing and confronting them with the truth in love. I know they want me/us out of the way. We threaten to dismantle the whole building by exposing their lies ("Born gay and cannot change." By-the-way, I kept repeating and repeating on the show today, "No one is born with SSA and change is possible." AH, HA, that's why Wayne got more and more nasty - the fraud was being exposed and he wouldn't hear of it).

He'll be working with Fred "two straight jackets needed" Phelps soon. These people are seriously starting to scare me.

Speaking of Anne Heche....

365Gay has more info.And still more.

Are Penguins Gay? Does it Matter?

I've gotten more traffic to my site over March of the Penguins posts than I'd care to tell you about. So - why not?

Concerned(Straight) Women for (Straight)America are really funny:
For homosexual activists, embarrassment over this penguin breakup has to rank right up there with Anne Heche leaving Ellen DeGeneres and marrying a man. Or Julie Cypher leaving Melissa Etheridge. Or Elton John leaving his current domestic partner and marrying, wait, that hasn’t happened yet.

Guess they didn't read my Anne Heche post. And for the record - I'm personally not embarrassed that Roy and Silo broke up. Gor God's sake - They're PENQUINS! Must be a really slow day for homo-haters if this is proof that gay marriage is wrong. Of course they aren't going to mention the gay penquins in Japan and Germany, are they? And another thing - they sure know a great deal about gay couples in Hollywood....

From someone ten times funnier than me. I'm still laughing.


Martha said it. "You just don't fit in." My new guilty pleasure.

Links to Start the Day

Losers. And I thought everyone there was smart.(365Gay)

Six couples in Florida have filed a petition asking the Florida Supreme Court to throw out a proposed ballot initiative because it violate's the Florida Constitution.(Miami Herald)
Florida4Marriage, working with the Christian Coalition and the Liberty Counsel, has gathered enough valid signatures to trigger the required review of its ballot language by the high court.
The couples argue that since Florida law already prevents same-sex marriage, the real purpose of the amendment is to prevent the establishment of legal rights to civil unions. Polls show most Floridians support civil unions.

A Canadian school district cancels Laramie Project production. Not because it involves gay issues, mind you.(Vancouver Sun)

Fun Metro Weekly article: Lesbian Stereo-hyping. No, We don't all play softball.

Panel to discuss gay acceptance in black churches. (Indiana Daily Student)

First gay slasher movie - HellBent.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sandra Bernhard is Funny.

According to PageOneQ, she wowed them at the Pacific Northwest's HRC dinner last night:
In an imagined conversation with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Bernhard jokingly "outed" the nation's first female African-American to hold the post:

"Sandra, I'm just feeling so isolated," confided Sandra's Rice. "I'm gay, I'm black, I'm a woman."

On Barbara Bush, the former first lady, Bernhard said:

"Barbara Bush has her finger on the pulse of America. I'm so glad she's back and more compassionate than ever, that's right, of course people just sat around New Orleans, boring, uninspired, soulless New Orleans, and dreamed of someday relocating to the Astrodome. 'Oh, dear lord, if only I could leave my unhappy existence and head on up to wonderful Houston and live with my friends side by side in a spacious football stadium, my life would be so much richer and complete."

Of the war in Iraq, she said:

"Everyone is so busy waiting for Amy Grant to come to their town with her three wishes, they managed to forget about all the pain and heartache."

Bernhard also mentioned Vice President Dick Cheney, albeit briefly:

"He's just mean."

I just adore stand-up.

Stop Groundswell

Inspiring article from the university of Nebraska at Omaha's student newspaper, The Gateway.
One of the most shocking stories on the site was about another group called Groundswell. This group holds conferences for teachers, youth pastors and parents, giving them the tools to deal with students and children dealing with homosexuality. According to Groundswell, "Children are at risk, it's time for our communities to respond." How are they going to respond? The main focus of the conference will be the importance of public schools not promoting homosexuality.
The following paragraph is found on the Groundswell website:
"In many communities, faculty members have assisted high-school and middle-school students in forming 'Gay-Straight Alliances,' where gay-identified or questioning youth discuss their sexuality. Some school guidance counselors, acting on misinformation, tell questioning youth that they must be gay, if they have a same-sex attraction, and encourage them to accept their homosexuality rather than seeking change."
After reading that paragraph it's obvious that these teachers are wrong...right? I mean, if a child is struggling with his identity, you should tell him that there is only one way to live, whether you like it or not. Groundswell seems to know exactly what it's talking about. They want to teach children to be true to their teachings, but to deny who they really are.

This Groundswell group is what really concerns me. Lately there has been a rash of reports regarding Gay-Straight Alliances at high schools that are coming under fire and even being told to disband. There needs to be more attention paid to these high school groups. The enemies are getting ahead of us.

Intous - Freedom from Heterosexuality through the power of my girlfriend/boyfriend.

Gay Days are Here Again

Queers unite! Gay Days at Disneyland is back.
You can rub elbows with Survivor Jerri Manthey, Queer as Folk's Peter Paige, Chad Allen, Tiffany and Queer Eye for the Straight Girl star Honey Labrador.
Check out Queens in the Kingdom for more Disney Resources.

*The only problem I have is the gathering at the House of Blues on October 1. After Sizzla issue they need to consider changing that plan. Just my two cents.

And it Shall Be Law

The gloves are off and the witch hunt commences. The Pontiff of Bigot Land has given his approval of a new Vatican policy document that indicates men with homosexual tendencies should not be ordained. (Via your conservative link for such goodies.)
The text, which was approved by Pope Benedict at the end of August, says that homosexual men should not be admitted to seminaries even if they are celibate, because their condition suggests a serious personality disorder which detracts from their ability to serve as ministers.

A few questions to ponder:
What is a tendency?
What exactly proves this tendency?
What is he going to do about the straight pedophiles that will remain?
What about lesbian nuns? Oops. I forgot. Women don't matter.

Update: What's he gonna do about this?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

To Heche or Not to Heche

So it seems that Nancy Heche is on the "you could really be straight if you wanted to" speaking circuit these days. (Ex-Gay Watch)
As a single parent who experienced the international media rush during her daughter Anne Heche’s highly visible relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, and a widow who endured her husband’s diagnosis of and subsequent death from AIDS, Nancy brings a spiritual focus to the effects of homosexuality in a family. She holds a doctorate degree in pastoral counseling and has a private practice in psychotherapy specializing in communication and relationship issues with families, couples and singles. Her college courses and church seminars are highly valued for their compassionate and practical approach to some of the sensitive and painful issues of life. Nancy lives in Chicago and has three daughters and five grandchildren.

There is an unsubstantiated post on Anne Heche's web site reportedly from Anne expressing her thoughts on her mother. Don't know if it is authentic or not. Judge for yourself.

Tuesday Linky Dinky

HRC posts 2005 Corporate Equality Index Report.

Baylor University continues to impress folks with their stance on equality. Not.

Village Voice on Gays Getting Hitched.

Just because. LifeSite likes to stir the pot with catchy titles.

I Like Mike. And yes I made a shirt.

Read Mike Tidmus. Miracle worker.

T-Shirt Crazy

I've added these to the Cafe Press group. The twist is that I pledge to donate half of the mark-up commission earned on each sale to No Nonsense in November. This group is pushing for everyone to vote "No" (of course) to Constitutional Amendment #2. This vote comes in November and is an amendment to ban gay marriage in Texas. Other issues are at stake as well - read the facts here.

Remember that ever state needs our help.


This is from Yarn-A-Go-Go. It is an action response to the much talked about Know Thy Neighbor site. An alternative response.
So here's my idea.

The signers of the anti-gay marriage petition in Massachusetts (the so-called Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage) are listed here and are a matter of public record. It's a hateful, unloving thing to put your name to, although I support their right to do so.

It's just that I'd like them to make a positive difference, if only in spite of themselves.

The Human Rights Campaign is the nation's largest non-profit organization working for the rights of all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals. They do a bang-up job, and they have a HUGE fight to fight on a state and a federal level. I throw money at them when I can, but it's not often, and it's not as much as I'd like.
But I'd like to donate a gift subscription in the name of the first signer of the petition. For $35, she'll receive in the mail a cuddly equality bear, and for $50 she'll get not only the bear, but a nice equality baseball cap, too! I get to include my own (very nice and loving) note to her, as well. I will refrain from asking her what the eff she was thinking, promoting the deliberate stripping away of her fellow American citizens' civil rights, and instead thank her for opening my eyes to the fact that the divide between people like her and people like me is so wide that I need to take positive action. I will thank her for prompting me to donate to HRC, and wish her love in her life, which is what we all want, right? I just want to marry my girlfriend. It's just about love, compassion, and respect. That's all.

So - what do you think? Go check out the post.
I think I may be in.

Gay Apprentices Everywhere

AfterElton has an interesting article on the openly gay men vying for the top apprentice on both The Donald's show and Martha's this season. Using the prevailing stereotypes of gay men that still exist do we really expect a gay man to be Donald's apprentice? On the flip side - of course we expect one of the two gay men on Martha's show to prevail, don't we? Interesting. I say the gay man wins on both counts.
Two of the men applying to be Stewart’s apprentice definitely dance to their own tune: openly gay Jeff, 42, and Chuck, 38. Meanwhile, when Trump’s The Apprentice returns the following night, his applicants will also include one openly gay man, 28-year-old Texan Clay Lee--the only openly gay contestant on the popular reality show.

Tune in.

Love Inaction

Love in Action ordered closed. Couldn't happen to a bigger bunch of Christians idiots.(PageOneQ)
More info here. Previous news story here.

Church Blitz

Churches in MA are planning to blitz their congregations on October 2 in order to get signatures for a 2008 ballot initiative to ban gay marriages. This push for legalizing hate is not-so-cleverly called "Protect Marriage Sunday". I think we should do a Protest Marriage Sunday. If we all can't be married then no one should. T-shirts to follow are here!
'As faithful citizens, we have a moral obligation to defend the truth, no matter how counter-cultural or unappreciated our convictions might be," Bishop George W. Coleman of Fall River wrote to parishioners in a Sept. 12 letter. ''The time is upon us to take a stand and to act, lovingly but firmly, to restore and defend the truth about marriage."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Love, Italian Style

I had read the articles about the uproar over the Ra-Re ads in Italy - and finally found a shop of the offending pics on towleroad. The just of the constroversy is that there are two men kissing in the ad - okay, maybe one is also grabbing a crotch - and a parents association is up in arms. They say they would feel the same way if the couple was straight. Doubt it. Gay issues are a hot topic in Italy now. Just ask the Pontif. What? You can't find him? Oops. I forgot - he's out trying to round up the gay priests via the old fashioned way. The witch hunt.

Other links:
Italians Resist Gay Rights
Cardinal Reiterates Cathholic Church's Opposition to Unmarried Couples

Two For the Price of One Phelps Post

I posted what I think is a very strange birth announcement earlier. Pam pointed the Raw Story pic exclusive out to me. Deranged and scary. With way to much time on their hands. Ready the straight (Ha) jackets.

Go North, Young Men (and Women)!

A new documentary by filmmaker Albert Nerenberg chronicles changes in Canada that Nerenberg claims is not only good for civil liberities but tourism and the economy as well.
Escape to Canada, which will premiere Monday at the New Montreal FilmFest, chronicles the aftermath of Ontario's legalization of same-sex marriage and suspension of the prohibition of marijuana in 2003. Some Americans fleeing service in the war in Iraq are thrown in for good measure.
Nerenberg argues those events are helping Canada to wrest the title of "land of the free" from its neighbour to the south.
"Doing this film really made me fall in love with Canada," Nerenberg said in a telephone interview from Toronto.

The film will premiere at the New Montreal FilmFest tonight.(Southern Voice)

Fortune 500 Company Changes Tune

After being made aware that they were one of the 45 Fortune 500 companies that did not have a written policy protecting gay employees in the work place Lennar Corp. comes to the table and implements new policy.(Miami Herald)
Now that Lennar and four other companies have recently amended their policies, only 40 businesses on the Fortune 500 list don't protect their gay employees, said Malcolm Lazin, executive director of Equality Forum, a national gay-rights group in Philadelphia that began tracking nondiscrimination policies in fall 2003.
Among the 40 companies without protections: Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Assurant, Echostar Communications (which owns Dish Network) and Wendy's International.
Lennar's turnaround "is about as positive a sign as one could find in the way gays and lesbians are now being embraced in America -- and in particular in our largest corporations," Lazin said.
"You now have 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies that have voluntarily included sexual orientation in their workplace nondiscrimination policies," he said.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

NC Pride September 24

Don't miss NC Pride this weekend if you are in the Durham area! Get Intous and NC Pride Gear here.

Mandatory Fred Phelps Post

I guess this is a birth announcement?

Sunday Breakfast Links

Californina students sue for the right to publish a series about gay teenagers on campus after article pulled by school principal. Safety reasons, he bellows. (Boston Globe)

Ministers in Texas start their own campaign at church today - asking parishioners to make sure they are registered to vote so they can be prepared to add a ban to gay marriage on the ballot in November.(Houston Chronicle)

Pam on Bill O'Reilly's obsession with animal sex.

Great story on gay 50's sex symbol Tab Hunter. (New York Times)

Friday, September 16, 2005

No One Asked Me ....

But if they did I'd say the "fraud" was his sexuality. Just sayin'.


The LUG acronym - lesbian until graduation - has been around for a while now. This article from MSNBC reports on the increase in same sex relationships that is currently being documented in young women (teens and ealry 20's).
The survey, released Thursday by the CDC'’s National Center for Health Statistics, found that 11.5 percent of women, ages 18 to 44, said they'’ve had at least one sexual experience with another women in their lifetimes, compared with about 4 percent of women, ages 18 to 59, who said the same in a comparable survey a decade earlier.

I personally think young women are just a little more open now as opposed to a decade ago. But, in honor of this article and impressive honesty of young women today (oh, to be in college again)I present my new LUG shirt. LUG on the front in black and Lesbian Until Graduation on the back in purple.
A must have for all you....well, LUGS.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

March of the Penguins Redux

I found this via Wonkette:
Today, the New York Times investigates the Christian conservatives' fifth column: Penguins. Turns out conservatives have become unlikely champions of the documentary "March of the Penguins," saying, among other things, that the film promotes monogamy and family values. Clearly, no one has told them about the gay penguins (of course, they choose to be gay). Says one minister:

"Some of the circumstances they experienced seemed to parallel those of Christians," he said of the penguins. "The penguin is falling behind, is like some Christians falling behind. The path changes every year, yet they find their way, is like the Holy Spirit."

It seems like a stretch but, hey, it's an improvement over talking vegetables.

March of the Conservatives: Penguin Film as Political Fodder [NYT]

UPDATE: Several readers have called attention to penguin's not-so-socially-conservative serial monogamy. Also, fathers take off pretty early. Republicans soft on deadbeat penguins!

Well - just wait until they find out about Wendell and Cass. Or Roy & Silo.


The good news for the conservatives keeps flying in: German zoo tempts gay penguins with straight penguins from Sweden.
How about this: Gay penguins found in Japanese aquariums.

Thursday Tidbits

MA lawmakers reject gay marriage ban. News here, here and here.

UK Civil Partnership Guide.

Funny interview with Kathy Griffin. {Via towleroad}

Vatican to check US Seminaries for Queers. Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit. How - besides video - do you prove "strong homosexual inclinations". Update:This is how you know! {Via Pam}

"Gay Hollywood"
exhibit opens in L.A. today.

The Sundance Channel is doing a series on transgender issues on college campus. The series - TransGeneration - will follow four students going through gender transition. The series will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm and begin on September 20. Check out the info at Sundance. It looks very interesting.

House backs hate crime measure. Are they coming to their senses? Doubt it.

Dad doesn't want his tax dollars to be used to support Gay-Straight Alliance at his daughter's school. Do you think it's really the "tax dollars" at work?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good For Shaq

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Shaq recently helped police arrest a man in South Beach recently that allegedly assaulted a gay couple. Shaq trailed the man and alerted the arresting officer after witnessing him yell anti-gay slurs and throwing a bottle at the couple. O'Neal is currently in training to become a reserve Miami police officer.

Why is He Surprised?

When you preach hate and spew filth it often times comes back to bite you in your bigoted ass. Fred Phelps is offering a reward - a paultry $5000 - to anyone that has info regarding vandalism and "attempting to break and enter for aggravated burglary" at his church.

But give the church the info first because the police chief is a pervert and the mayor is corrupt. Good luck with help from your local authorities you whacko.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is Love in Action on the Way Out?

Post at Cherry Blossom Special:

According to a confidential source, an investigation started in early July by the Tennessee Department of Health has yielded the decision that Love In Action is in continued violation of the State of TN Dept. of Health's facility licensing requirements. In two strongly worded letters issued to Love In Action, the department is demanding that the facility at 4780 Yale Rd. become compliant with the State of Tennessee's licensing requirements or face a state ordered closure of their facility. A first letter sent to the facility by the department was returned unanswered by Love In Action. A second letter demanding full compliance grants the facility until this coming Thursday, September 15th to fulfill their licensing obligations or face mandatory shutdown of the facility. More information on this developing story as it becomes available.

Updates to follow.

Opinions Wanted in St. Pete

The St. Petersburg Times has gone online with a new site - It's Your Times. The idea is to encourage readers from various communities to report on the news pertinent to them. One of the topics listed is Gay Rights. Great concept. I love the header - From each according to her knowledge - To each according to his curiosity.

Will it take off?

I *heart* Olivia

So - this piece posted at AfterEllen on the treatment of lesbian & bisexual characters and storylines from Law & Order:SVU is interesting. They have dissected many shows and giving analysis of each. Starting with the surprise announcement from Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn that she was a lesbian at the end of last seanson.

As one of television’s most-watched dramas, Law and Order and its numerous spinoffs can have a significant affect on representations of lesbians and bisexual women. When Law and Order: SVU recently aired an episode in which a lesbian police officer made a pass at Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay), it seemed to acknowledge the fact that many viewers feel that Detective Benson is gay.

But in 2005, it’s not enough to play coy with viewers. Law and Order’s track record on lesbian and bisexual women is simply not good enough—it still regularly falls back on outdated, negative stereotypes.

Let’s hope that if Detective Benson ever comes out, she doesn’t get fired on the same day.

Amen to that.

Update: I found this site after a little sleuthing. Take it for what it is and come to your own conclusions.

Virginia Isn't For All Lovers

A local activist group in Virginia is pushing to repeal a recent law that prohibits same-sex couple from enjoying the benefits of their heterosexual couples.
A year-old Virginia law designed to prevent same-sex couples from enjoying some of the benefits of traditional marriage should be repealed, say local activists.

More than 100 people gathered at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library headquarters Thursday night to discuss the Affirmation of Marriage Act, which was amended by the legislature in 2004.

"People shouldn't be deterred just because this hasn't happened yet," said Lelia Kilgore, a Fredericksburg lawyer who participated in a panel discussion on the law. "It's potentially out there. Something this unconstitutional shouldn't become a part of the Constitution."

The General Assembly earlier this year voted in favor of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. It will come up again in next year's session. If it passes again, it will go to Virginia voters in a referendum.

"No other state has this," Kilgore said. "Virginia is not for lovers."

Virginia really isn't for lovers, is she?

To Out, Or Not to Out - That is the Question

Looks like this New York Magazine article has possibly outed CNN reporter Anderson Cooper. There will be mixed feelings from both sides of the closet on this one. His reporting has been excellent from New Orleans on Katrina. I personally feel like he is/would be a great role model as a gay American. Mind you - he never says he is or isn't gay in the interview. Thoughts?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Miss Teen Bahamas Update

Pageant officials stripped Gari McDonald, reigning Miss Teen Bahamas, of her crown.

The MTB committee released a press statement Wednesday stating, "Gari McDonald no longer holds the title as Miss Teen Bahamas".

"[She] will no longer represent [us] and is no longer authorized to conduct any business on behalf of the Miss Teen Bahamas committee."

Kandra Knowles, 14, will replace Ms McDonald, 18, the committee added.
Richa Sands, assistant director of the MTB committee, told the Guardian in a telephone interview that the committee was unanimous in its decision.

"How are we suppose to tolerate this as a committee?," Ms Sands said. "Ms McDonald said that we were doing whatever because of her sexual orientation and she knows quite well that was not the issue we were dealing with initially."

Ms Sands said the committee was still investigating claims that Ms McDonald harassed another woman who was threatening to take legal action.

"Now, she went ahead by herself, nobody accused her," Ms Sands said. "She went publicly and put to the media and to the world at large, her sexual position as a teenager."

As a representative of the Miss Teen Bahamas title and a representative of this country, "for us that is a major problem because we don't stand for that".

Updates as they occur. This may get messy.

Calling All Surfers

I know I have a couple of faithful readers that pretend to be interested in the tidbits I post. But most of the comments I've received are from bigots. It would be nice to read some thoughtful insight from like-minded folks (like my mind, not the bigots!).

Okay. No more begging.

What to Think? Vote now.

Expatica, a Dutch News mag, has posted a brief report today that claims smoking by a woman while she is pregnant increases the chances her child will be a lesbian (I assume if the child is a girl). I'm really not sure what to think. But I will as my mother if she smoked while carrying me. In fact, I think I'm going to ask all my lesbian friends to ask their mothers and do a not-very-scientific Intous poll. See the sidebar to vote!

Gay Marriage to Stay in MA?

Looks like the push to demote queer couples to second class citizens in MA is loosing a little ground. Support for the anti-gay marriage amendment is quickly falling apart according to a couple of different sources.
"It's a dangerous precedent to take away rights that have been granted by the court for an identifiable group of people," said Democrat Rep. James Brendan Leary

Married Quarters for Gays & Lesbians

The UK Ministry of Defense has "confirmed gay and lesbian and gay couples serving in the armed forces will be given married quarters after the introduction of civil partnerships later this year".

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Breakfast Links

This interview with Kanako Otsuji is worth reading. She is the youngest person ever elected to the Osaka prefectural assembly. She is also a lesbian.

A group is being formed - Christian Policy Institute of Maine - by Rep. Stan Moody in Maine to counterbalance to the Christian Civic League of Maine. The "Not So Civic League" of Main recently jumped on the "Let's Blame Katrina on the Queers" bandwagon.

I've mentioned Brokeback Mountain before. Last night it won the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion award.

Gay & Lesbian First Responders in NOLA

Read this article.An excerpt:
As I watched my friend on CNN, seeing her for the first time and, literally, jumping up and down at the image of her riding in the back of a military vehicle, it also struck me for the first time that there are gay and lesbian first responders on the ground in the New Orleans, risking life and limb to save lives and limbs. These brave men and women who stood guard in their city and are now serving alongside our nation’s armed forces are not, even today, allowed to serve in those same military units. I wondered if Honoré, so masterfully commanding New Orleans into order, ever thought about the gay men and women of the city’s police force who were serving alongside his troops. My guess is that he did not, because surely he had more important things on his mind.

Nicole Barber, an out lesbian, is a former Navy petty officer that had to turn her uniform in because of the military Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Transgendered Evacuee Released

Transgendered evacuee Arpollo Vicks was released Friday after spending 5 days in jail after she was caught showering in a women's bathroom.The county attorney declined to press charges. She never should have been arrested in the first place.

Saturday Quick Links

MA Lt. Governor voices her support for civil unions. Squaring off with Romney?

Homosexual Studies Class. In Shanghai.

Gimli, Manitoba lodge operator knows a business opportunity when he sees one.

Linda Harvey - head of the conservative group Mission "to teach hate and oppress" America believes that the ACLU is "disseminating information in an effort that is creating confrontational pro-homosexual student activists". Pam puts the gavel down.

Is your car gay friendly?

Cardiff Gay Mardi Gras

I know - it's very far away. But we can dream, can't we? Looks like fun to me.

[Additional link in the sidebar for this event and many others.]

Friday, September 09, 2005

Mystery Shoppers

As a former retail manager and current part-time retail employee I say this is a fabulous idea. The Welsh branch of Stonewall has spearheaded a project - Give Us the Goods - that encourages gay & lesbian shoppers to report how they are treated during their shopping/dining/hotel/health service experience.

Stonewall was urged into action after receiving calls such as these:
...a lesbian woman refused a smear test by her doctor, a lesbian couple at their wits end trying to get help to stop being harassed by neighbours, and a gay male couple whose bank insisted that they undertake HIV tests before they would consider offering them life assurance cover.

Many, many companies rely on "mystery shoppers" to rate their employees. Many of these same companies have policies protecting their gay & lesbian employees. The results would be interesting.

Someone, Stop Me!

I can't help it. I have now found a list via LifeSite (really, really, pro-life and really, really anti-gay) that reminds everyone to make sure their Katrina relief money goes to agencies that state their opinion regarding abortion and "gay marriage" - quotes are their creation, not mine. offers a list of those groups and their position on abortion and abortifacient contraceptives and “gay marriage” to guide readers in making donation choices to organizations that truly respect the dignity of the hurricane victims. Very few, even of the Christian organizations offering assistance, hold to a complete or consistent pro-life ethic and readers are cautioned to examine the groups carefully.

So, now you only deserve help if you are pro-live and not gay. Nice. And very, very Christian. You will have to read the article to see what they think of Planned Parenthood.

Shut the F***K Up!

I honestly to do know how much more of this wacko shit I can take. If one more right-wing, sex obsessed, gay bashing bigot blames Katrina on "the queers" I may just snap. I'm already in an incredibly foul mood over the attitude of the White House Gang and their Blame (not Plame, mind you) Game Show.

The latest comes from Matt "Freaky" Friedman via Agape Press. I should quit reading their sites but it is like a bad movie. You just can't turn it off. I also belong to the school of thought that you have to know your enemy as well as you know yourself.

I digress - Friedman says this:
It is most unpalatable, of course, to suggest divine wrath. But biblically there is such a thing, and to assume that such Godly interference with evil will never happen again in our "enlightened" age is folly. New Orleans, for one, was one formidable "sin city." To begin the litany of God-mockery is to wonder where to finally stop: the occult and voodoo, Mardi Gras and the annual Southern Decadence festival (basically a homosexual Mardi Gras), ten times the national average of murders, a reputation for the worst government corruption, casinos with their bribes of public officials, the famous Bourbon Street which has evolved into a long line of porn shops and strip joints, police officers so uncommitted as to join in recent looting, and a city heaving with crime.

He goes on to praise ass-kisser Haily Barbour and demonize - no surprise - Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. Doesn't even mention her by name. He also points out that the Greek origin of "Katrina" means pure.

Here that sound? The bashers are grinding their teeth to chomp on that nugget. It will start showing up soon on "Christian" sites as more proof that New Orleans deserved the devastation. A sad commentary on the human race. We haven't come a long way, baby.

Call Arnold & Maria

The authors of the gay marriage bill that Gov. Schwarzenegger has vowed to veto this week have delayed sending the bill to him for two weeks to allow gay rights advocates time to change his mind.
"The governor has said he supports the will of the people," said Sen. Sheila Kuehl, Santa Monica Democrat, one of the Legislature's six openly gay members. "Well, let the people call him, let the people e-mail him, let the people be heard. Then he can say he's following the will of the people."
and this
Assemblyman Mark Leno, the San Francisco Democrat who authored the bill, dismissed that explanation. Stunned by the announcement, Leno on Thursday blasted Schwarzenegger's decision as a shrewd political move to protect right-wing support for his Nov. 8 special election initiatives.

E-mail him here.
Other info:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633
Human Rights Campaign Action Item here.

You can make a difference. E-mail, fax, call, mail a letter or all of the above.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Toddler Alert

Trinity House College, a private school in Randburg, South Africa recently denied entry to a 4 year old because the child had lesbian parents.

It came as a surprise to them that they were being singled out for a meeting with the principal since they had been assured that the school welcomed their black son, as the school was trying to improve its 'quota' of black children at the school. They presumed this to be the reason for the principal's hostile attitude. However, the first question that Dr Staples put to them was whether or not they were a lesbian couple, to which they answered yes.
Dr Staples continued to explain that as Trinity House was a Christian based school and because homosexuality was regarded as a sin, evil and unethical, to save Moggee and Bruna from any further pain, he felt that maybe it would be better that their child was not placed within his school. Nonetheless, they were told that the sizable school fee deposit they had paid in advance was non refundable.

The South African Human Rights Commission is encouraging the couple to take legal action against the school.

Gay? Fine By Me!

Students attending Elon University - a campus in my neck of the woods - showed their support for lesbian & gay friends and colleagues this week by wearing T-shirts proclaiming "Gay? Fine By Me" to a College Coffee Tuesday gathering.

Additional shirts were sold for $2 each and proceeds will benefit PLFAG of Alamance County. Spectrum - Elon's Gay & Lesbian Organization - organized the sale. So far 660 shirts have been sold.

Gay? Fine By Me is a national organization with "a mission is to give voice to the friends and supporters of LGBT Americans".

A Kiss Really Isn't Just a Kiss

17-year old "A" student Charlene Nguon has filed a lawsuit against Garden Grove Unified "against gays and lesbians" School District because of the discrimination and harassment she received after she kissed her girlfriend at school.
"I just don't understand why my girlfriend and I were not allowed to be affectionate but other couples are," Nguon said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit.
The suit, filed by the ACLU of Southern California, alleges that Nguon was singled out for discipline a number of times for displaying affection with her girlfriend, that she was outed to her parents, was forced to transfer, that her grades suffered as a result of the harassment.

This report comes only a day after this story from New Jersey.{365gay)

We don't really want to protect all of our children, do we?

Love Thy Neighbor

The Boston Globe reports that Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff - one of the first gay couples to be married in Boston - are launching a web site that promises to list the names and addresses of anyone that signs a petition that could ultimately lead to the banning of same-sex marriages in that state.

The move by Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, one of the first gay couples married in the state, came after state Attorney General Thomas Reilly on Wednesday certified a ballot question that bans gay marriage and civil unions.
Now, the question's supporters must collect 65,825 signatures from registered voters, and approval from 25 percent of state lawmakers to get the question on the 2008 ballot.

The site - aptly title Know Thy Neighbor - currently lists the first 30 people that signed the original petition, including Boston Mayor Ray Flynn.

You Go Guys!

New T-Shirt

In honor of EHL's third birthday I offer these new designs at my Cafe Press store.

Talks the Talk, Doesn't Walk the Walk

No surprise here. The shameful Gov. Schwarzenegger is going to veto the bill passed on Tuesday that would have allowed same-sex marriages in California. He's a coward and a wimp - not The Terminator after all. His reason? It is "out of respect for the will of the people". What people? The straight, homophobic Republican people? The bible-thumping, bigoted, sex-obsessed religious wrong? Come on Arnold. Give it a rest.

I'm with John at AMERICAblog. What kind of Kennedy is Maria Shriver?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Black, Lesbian & Gay Talk Show Airs

The Herndon Davis Report aired on September 1 making history with its debut. The show became the first Black, Lesbian and Gay TV news talk show to air on prime time. The Herndon Davis Report aired on the Healthy Living channel on The Dish Network. The first show aired in 17 million homes. A list of episode themes can be found on the official web site.

Need A Homophobic Banner for Your Next Church Picnic?

Good As You as this little tidbit of info. I'm sure the congregation at Westboro will be right on it. Seems there is a quaint little web site that offers gear for all your homophobic needs. Of special interest is the offer to make custom banners and signs. But you have to join an activist church or other "organization" to get them.

And they even ship free to California!

Note to NO Gay Gear: Work on your bumper stickers. They are really bland and predictable.

Up to Arnold

On Tuesday, the California Assembley approved a bill that would allow gay & lesbian couples to marry. The bill - officially called the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act - defines a marriage as "between two persons". It will now land on the desk of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature or a veto. Shake's Sis says e-mail him. I agree. Go here.

He has a chance to make history. Let's hope he does.



L.A. Times

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gay & Lesbian Retirement Community

According to the Mercury News an exclusive Santa Rosa community may just become The Oaks at Fountaingrove - an exclusive retirement village for gays and lesbians. The 75 million dollar project would offer 150 town houses, cottages and apartments as well as a 72- unit main wing that would offer meals and nursing care. There would also be a smaller building that would be used to house and care seniors with Alzheimer's disease. The development - for singles and couples over 65 - would sit on 10 oak-filled acres near a private golf course.

As you can imagine, some area residents are complaining already. One opponent has threatened a law suit because the development would discriminate against people that aren't gay. The Oaks have stated that anyone is welcome to live there.

The proposal will go before the Santa Rosa Planning Commission early this fall.

Dusty Springfield Correction

Correction: Looks like the real Dusty Springfield will be represented in the upcoming story of her life. Great news. Read the entire article. You'll find ties to Rupert Murdoch.


New Feature - LBGT Event Links

I am now going to start putting links to upcoming LBGT events (pride celebrations, etc.) on the sidebar. Please send info my way. The events listed will be both local and international events - you may want to attend some and you may just want to read about them. Information is power.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Phelps to Picket Rehnquist Funeral

Phelps and his gay-bashing relatives at Westboro Baptist Church are going to picket the funeral of Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Wed.

And I quote:

We rejoice that Rehnquist is dead and in hell. It is a sin NOT to rejoice when God executes His wrath and vengeance upon a sorry, faggyass jude.

The judges gave America to the fags.

Huh? Is it just me? I don't think I can't recall a single time I've seen Rehnquist at a LGBT event. (photo via DC Warren)

Quick Monday Links

Cardinal slams plan to allow Scottish gay & lesbian couples to adopt children in recent Sunday Times article. Says the children "will become guinea pigs in some distorted social experiment".

Haliburton - recenlty awarded contracts for Katrina clean up - is not one of the Fortune companies that has policies in police to protect gays and lesbians from job discrimination. Keep in mind that 90% of such companies do.

Dusty Springfield's sexuality - she actually liked the daughter of the preacher man better - will be glossed over in an upcomming movie based on her life. It is really hard for me to believe that Hollywood would choose to "skip" this part of her life. More research needed.

Ang Lee on Brokeback Mountain. Official site is here.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hannity Needs Fact Checker and a Brain

Media Matters is reporting that on his September 30 broadcast Sean Hannity mistakenly (and I say on purpose) placed the blame on the "anti-war left" for the protests at Sgt. Jeremy Doyle's funeral. Doyle lost his life while serving in Iraq. You can listen here. [PageOneQ]

Check your facts you loser. The protest was lead by none other than Fred Phelps. Phelps is the gay-bashing, sex-obsessed lunatic that leads his flock round the country protesting funerals, marches and any other event he sees as a threat to his outrageous beliefs. You see, as previously noted, he blames the war in Iraq and now Katrina on gays and lesbians and their evil ways so he spews hate and filth anywhere he can get away with it.

Come on, Sean. You knew the difference. Don't pretend otherwise. You aren't much better than Phelps.