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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Random Reading

Where not to ski in NC. Pam has the entire story. It may be 2006 but your job isn't always safe if your are gay or lesbian. Spread the word. More background info here.

According to a recent national survey of high school seniors, young people are twice as likely (71% to 54% for adults) to support legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Some of the other results are interesting as well.

Gene Shalit = Bigot.

Book of Daniel still causing a stir. (365Gay) I can't wait to watch it. For once I'm proud to be from the Palmetto State.
But a NBC station in the South, WIS in Columbia, South Carolina, said it would not drop the program despite the pressure.

WIS Television Sr. Vice President and General Manager Mel Stebbins in a statement said, "Our plan, as an NBC affiliate, is to run this program supplied by our network. We know it is controversial but we believe we have a greater responsibility to air the program to viewers who are interested in seeing it than we have to those who want us to censor content they find objectionable. The audience will decide the success or failure of this program."

Here they come.

Like, who is surprised?

Now, girls. That's not very lady-like.

Maybe they cancelled on him because he's an idiot.


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