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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Dirt

Phyllis Gates - the wife of Rock Hudson - died recently in California. One of my favorite sites - the Village Voice - is reporting that Ms. Gates was a lesbian. The scoop comes from biographer Bob Hoffler.
The author adds: "Phyllis had told various people that marrying Rock 'would be fun.' She then became addicted to being the wife of a star, and didn't want the divorce. MARK MILLER, [movie star] GEORGE NADER's lover, told me that she had a double standard: Phyllis could play around with women but Rock had to remain faithful to her. In a way, she was just being pragmatic: she feared that Rock's exposure would ruin his fame, which was in turn her gravy train.

"By the way, Phyllis did not meet Rock at Henry Willson's office, as she claimed. She met Rock at Mark Miller and George Nader's home in Studio City. She had been out on a movie date with Rock Hudson's then-lover, JACK NAVAAR. So Phyllis knew the score. She met Rock in the company of gay men." And now it's gay men who are telling the truth about the whole situation.


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