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Friday, January 06, 2006

What do you think?

A new German documentary airing tonight claims that the Cuban secret service was behind the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.
The 90-minute film, titled Rendezvous with Death, features an interview with Oscar Marino, a former agent of the Cuban G2 secret service, who says he knew before the assassination in November 1963 that Lee Harvey Oswald - Kennedy's killer - had been picked by his colleagues to do the job.

"He offered to kill Kennedy, and we used him to do this," Mr Marino says during the film, made by Wilfried Huismann, a prize-winning German director. Mr Marino claims that Mr Oswald, a Communist who had lived in the Soviet Union for three years, was identified to Cuba by the Russian KGB secret service. (Financial Times)

"Castro Ordered Kennedy Assassination"


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