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Friday, May 26, 2006


They are shocked. Cry me a damn river.

I *heart* Blue Gal

So - everyone knows I am not a lesbian that is above stealing a fabulous post from someone way smarter than I. May I present my (and soon to be your) favorite post of they year? YES. The Y-E-A-R.

Blue Gal Goes Green

Maybe the heartfelt undertones? the right-on-target memo(s) to McChimp? the fact that I am thumbing through An Inconvenient Truth as I type?

Whatever the reason, I'm considering giving up blogging and devoting my spare time to reading Blue Gal.

You. Really. Rock.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Picture

is finally worth 1000 words.

Via Whiskey Bar.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All You Need is Love

I heart Gore. Looks like Neil hearts Obama.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Equality Alabama

So - those of you who haven't been around this weekend may need an update. Kathy at Birmingham Blues mentioned that she saw a homemade sticker recently - Hey Roy! Moses wants his tablets back. We made a design at Redd~Pepper and I offered to donate a portion of sales from any Roygear to Equality Alabama (the organization of Kathy's choice). Now - everyone needs to buy, buy, buy! We have thongs, mugs, shirts, clocks, buttons, magnets, get the picture. I will keep everyone posted regarding the amount we raise and donate.

Friday, May 05, 2006

For Kathy

So - I've told Kathy that I would donate a portion of the sales of these items to a Bama charity of her choice. So - slap one on your car, back or lapel and help her out! She gets to pick. I will be adding graphics to the slogan this weekend so that those of us that are more visual can have a picture.

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UPDATE:Kathy would like for the monies I plan to donate from the sale of Roywear to go to Equality Alabama. Consider it done. More info will be added to the store site this weekend as soon as we get the other designs in order.

Deal. Or F'n Idiot?

So - they must do some sort of psychological profile on people trying to chum it up with Howie on 'Deal. Or, no deal?' Why else would you TURN DOWN $299,000. Why? Why?

American Eskimo

This American Eskimo dog is smart, eager to please and very amenable to training; responding especially well to positive reinforcement

Okay, so Kathy is trying to test me. The above is from one of my articles - have you tried the "positive reinforcement" route?

And the answer to your question? I will admit we have two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that I adore. But I've learned that Cockadoodles make wonderful pets.

Check out the Black Russian Terrier and the Shiloh Shepherd. They would be my choice in the "big girl" group.

There's Something About Mary

Since I can't seem to find time to create my own posts - I'll just pilfer from someone else:

Which path is that, Mary?

* One that questions "professionally closeted" gays who work for a party that officially considers you a second-class citizen? Jeezus, you're in company with plenty of out gays who work for, support and vote for candidates in a party who are ready to legislate your relationship into legal limbo, the level of delusion is stomach-churning. Happy with that path?

* You couldn't find a way to choose a path that fights for the rights of everyday LGBT citizens, putting your personal mettle to the test to live openly, speak publicly, question those in authority, and distance yourself from a campaign that was demonizing you (instead of further lining your wallet)?

* If you had chosen a different path, what you could have been to the civil equality movement, given the opportunity presented to you by Dear Leader himself to publicly speak out in disagreement and quit the campaign.

Read the rest from the most excellent Pam.

When it Rains it Pours

I love my blog. I love writing my posts. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write much lately. Actually, I take that back. I am writing - it is just not here. I do freelance work - creative writing (not that you can tell by my posts!), web content - and people actually pay me. I've been working on a very large project (140 articles to be exact) on different dog breeds. So - I will be happy to answer any dog related questions!